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 At Cory Grey Designs we are in the business of delivering dreams. We understand that people do not fit neatly into perfect cookie cutter molds, limited by a handful of options. Every person has wants and desires, and these desires all come from different places. Only the individual knows why and what fuels the desire.Cory Grey Designs understand that these are not just “houses” being designed, they are “Homes”.  We design our home plans to live in, grow in, and share joy in. At the end of the design process we pride ourselves in knowing that we have become friends, and part of the family.  

The Process


Designing your dream home begins with just that, a dream.

The first step is to be inspired. Collect your ideas, your wants, and your desires for your new home. Gather them from all your surroundings and experiences.

Once you have a general idea of the direction you want your home, its time to call us. We will  sort through all your inspirations and determine the most logical and cost effective way to implement your desires.

The next step is to translate your ideas onto paper and develop the preliminary design for your new home. This preliminary gives you the opportunity to see all your ideas combined in one place. It gives you a medium to analyze and dissect your new home plans.

Once we have worked through any concerns you may have, your working drawings are completed. These documents provide the primary tool for your builder to construct your home and ensure your dream comes to fruition.

About Us

Cory Grey started designing homes in 1993 and quickly fell in love with the art of making peoples dream come to life. He quickly found a way to translate peoples wants and desires into a thing of beauty that is enjoyed by both the owner and passers-by on a daily basis.This ability led Cory to continually study, learn, and hone his skills to provide the best product possible for the client. He understands that the client is truly correct and deserve to receive the product they want, not the product that is wanted for them. This understanding has led Cory to develop a process that delivers dreams. 

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